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Ashy blonde to light blonde human hair dread extensions
Ashy blonde to light blonde human hair dread extensions full length
Ashy blonde to light blonde human hair dread extensions angled view
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Ashy blonde to light blonde human hair dread extensions full length
Load image into Gallery viewer, Ashy blonde to light blonde human hair dread extensions angled view

Blonde Ombre Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions - made to order

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Ombre Ashy Blonde – Light Blonde Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions


Everyone loves an ombre! Our ombre dreadlock extensions are handmade with 100% human hair and are around 6-8mm thick (also known as pencil thin), available in three different lengths:

10 inches/25cm

16 inches/40cm

20 inches/ 50cm

This length includes the installation tip, the length of the dreadlocked part and the whispy end.

These extensions are perfect if you want a seamless, natural ombre. They blend perfectly into light brown or dark blonde hair for a natural gradient into blonde. Easily installed by the crochet method for permanent length without the wait! 

- Clips can be attached on request for a temporary option.

Our dreadlocks are all handmade by the crochet and backcomb method so will feel slightly stiff to start with. But once installed they will soften over time. Due to them being crocheted tightly, this means the extensions are suitable for both new and mature dreadlocks. Whether you choose a few for subtle accent dreads or go for a full head, you won’t be disappointed.

Why not finish your extensions off with one of our beautiful bead sets, hair bands or dread ties, for an effortless, bohemian chic look?

Dying your ombre dread extensions

Being 100% human hair means that they can be dyed. However, please note that dying dreadlocks can use more dye than usual and they must be thoroughly rinsed.  If you do decide to dye your dreads, Hippy Happy Dreadlocks will not be responsible for the outcome but we have had many clients who have successfully dyed their extensions. Please send an enquiry if you would like a different colour than listed and we can create you a custom order to save you dying them yourself.

Bleaching or lightening your ombre dread extensions

We would not recommend lightening or bleaching as dreadlocks are just as fragile, if not more than normal hair when it comes to bleaching. This can result in the extension becoming dry and brittle and thinning in parts. Even bleaching your roots can cause weakening of the extension if not rinsed properly.  

Our Hair

All of our dread extensions are made from high quality, Remy, ethically sourced human hair.  Remy hair means that the hair has come from one soul source. The dreadlock extensions are also made from one length of hair whereas you may find cheaper dreadlock extensions that have been made from many shorter lengths crocheted together which can result in a low durability, uncomfortable and scratchy extension.  With years of experience and trial and error we have noticed one length of hair proves for a flawless dreadlock extension.


*Please note: All dreadlocks are hand made so there may be small variances within the width and length chosen. Dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions can shrink over time so please consider this when making your order regarding the length.

 PLEASE SEE BANNER ON HOMEPAGE FOR TURNAROUND TIME - All human hair dreadlock extensions are made to order.

Spiralocks Size Guide

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30cm: Extra short length. 

Great for pigtails or half updos. Also great for tying up dread mohawks. It's a great option for those who have a thin partial dreads to hold secure. Even if you do not have dreadlocks, but your hair is thick, curly or unruly, then this extra small SpiraLock will be great for you too.

40cm: Small length. 

Great for those with new baby dreads that are still short, thin and light. Also great for those with partial dreads or use for space buns and half updos on longer locks. Also good for light synthetic extensions and for a quick and easy low pony tail.

50cm: Medium length. 

Great for those with medium length dreadlocks that are a bit heavier and past the shoulders or quite thick. To secure a ponytail on medium length dreadlock, the spiralock needs to wrap at least 2 times.

60cm: Large length. 

Great for thick, long, heavy dreads, mid to lower back. For a secure high pony tail, the spiralock should wrap 2.5 to 3 times for a secure hold on heavy, long dreads. Also a good size for a dread bun for medium length dreads.

80cm: Extra large length. 

This is our super size spiralock which is needed for those with super long and heavy dreads that are waist length or longer. Also great for big dread buns that need a couple of wraps to hold secure.

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