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Why We Love Spiralocks Dread Ties

At Hippy Happy Dreadlocks, we have spent a lot of time testing and researching new products and one of our favourite products of all time for dread heads are the Spiralocks dread ties.

We often get asked about the best way to tie your dreads up, what the most ethical dread ties are, which ones are vegan and whether tying them up can cause damage.

After many years of wearing, making and selling dreads we have never found anything as close to perfect than the wonderful Spiralocks dread ties! Not only are they ethically made by hand and absolutely beautiful, but they offer 100% vegan options and they do a great job of tying back your dreads. They can hold the weight, they are strong and don’t snap whilst they also don’t cause damage to your dreads or catch on loose hairs like traditional hairbands often do, if you can even fit one around your dreads!

Read on to find out more about why we absolutely love Spiralocks!

What is a Spiralock?

A Spiralock is a handmade, bendable dreadlock tie made especially for dreadlocks and are available in different lengths to suit all. Gone are the days of not finding a hair band that is strong enough to hold your dreads in place! No more weak elastics snapping and pinging across the room and no more dread buns or ponytails becoming loose throughout the day. If you’ve got dreadlocks, a Spiralock is an essential dreadlock accessory.

Spiralocks have a bendable wire on the inside which is wrapped in either a super soft felt or cotton/hemp (vegan option). They come in a variety of colours and lengths too. The only difficult thing is choosing your favorite!


Why are Spiralocks an essential for dread heads

Along with regular hair bands often not being strong enough for dreadlocks, they can also damage your dreadies too.  If you regularly use thin elastics on your dreads it can cause week spots where the hair elastic sits. The pressure of the elastic sitting tightly against your dreadlocks can cause friction and wearing away of the hairs. This can eventually cause your dreadlock to become very thin in places or even worse, snap off.

Here is where Spiralocks are different. With their inside wire core and a padded outer layer of fabric, they can easily be wrapped around your dreads, causing no damage,  no pulling of the hairs and gently but firmly holding your hairstyle in place.

They are perfect for all types of dreadlocks that are long enough to go in a ponytail; even keeping the thickest, longest dreadlocks in place without slipping or becoming loose.

Are Spiralocks just for real Dreads?

No! Not only are Spiralocks great for real dreads, they work perfectly on synthetic, temporary dreadlocks and thick, unruly hair too.

What length would I need?

We’ve got you covered! Whether you have new dreads that are above your shoulders or long, mature dreads all the way down your back, we have the right length Spiralock ranging in size from  30cm - 80cm.

Here’s a handy guide to help you chose the correct length:

Extra Small: 30cm

This length is great for shorter, slim dreadlocks, partial dreadlocks, dread mohawks and styling half updos or pigtails. This length is also a great alternative to hair elastics if you have very thick, unruly hair.

Small: 40cm

This length is also great if you have partial dreadlocks or half updos on longer, slim locs.  Have you just got your new baby dreads? This size is perfect if your dreads are quite thin, short and light.

Medium: 50cm

Great for dreads that are past the shoulders/ medium length or quite chunky! The Spiralock will need to wrap around twice to secure a ponytail or medium length dreads.

Large: 60cm

Perfect for longer, thick, heavy dreads - mid to lower back. To secure a high ponytail for longer, thicker dreads the Spiralock should wrap around 2.5-3 times. Great to secure a dread bun for medium length dreads.

Extra Large: 80cm

An extra-long Spiralock. This is perfect for those with very long – waist length or longer, heavy dreadlocks. Also great for big dread buns that need a little extra to keep it in place.

How To Tie Your Dreads With a Spiralock:

Simply wrap the Spiralock around your dreadlocks to keep it in place. Whether your wearing your dreads in a low pony tail, high ponytail or bun, you're good to go!


Another Reason Spiralocks Are so Wonderful

The Spiralocks founders, Helen and Peta, as well as their story is another thing that makes them so wonderful. Using ethically sourced materials, they are all handmade by the beautiful women from the remote Village of Gunu on Naviti Island, located off the coast of Fiji.

Helen and Peta have transformed these women’s lives since they have become part of the Spiralocks family. Before creating these absolute beauties, their time was spent tirelessly diving the ocean for seaweed, working long days and earning very little money which barely covered their basic living needs. Now they are able to afford a way of life they didn’t think was possible before. Many didn’t even own a mobile phone or have a home cooker and were unable to afford the school fees for their children, all things most of us take for granted.

Joining the Spiralocks family has transformed their lives and not only has their quality of life improved from Helen and Peta’s creation, but they are extremely proud of the work they do and delighted to be part of a well-known brand of dreadlock hair accessory that is worn all over the world.

With all thanks to Peta and Helen, the founders of Spiralocks, we have these wonderful products to tie up our dreads and Hippy Happy Dreadlocks are proud to be official UK Spiralocks stockists!

Looking For Spiralocks?

If you’re looking to get yourself a new Spiralocks dread tie we have a huge selection of handmade Spiralocks. Including vegan options and available in all lengths. We also have lots of other dreadlock accessories, such as dread beads, dread wraps and dreadlock accent sets. If you’re looking for dreadlock shampoo and other dread care products then check out our range of Dollylocks products.

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