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Silver and blonde braid set angled view
Silver and blonde braid set full length
Silver and blonde braids close up
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Silver and blonde braid set full length
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Silver and Blonde Accent Braid Set

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An elegant, temporary braid set in shades of blonde and silver. 

 These are single ended extensions which can be braided in to loose hair or attached near the root of existing dreadlocks for temporary extra volume and a pop of colour.

 This set comes with a mix of ten different braids including Dutch braids and fishtail braids. With lace, handstitched mini beads and gemstone beads.


We also do custom orders for synthetic dreadlocks so feel free to get in touch for a custom order.


Spiralocks Size Guide

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30cm: Extra short length. 

Great for pigtails or half updos. Also great for tying up dread mohawks. It's a great option for those who have a thin partial dreads to hold secure. Even if you do not have dreadlocks, but your hair is thick, curly or unruly, then this extra small SpiraLock will be great for you too.

40cm: Small length. 

Great for those with new baby dreads that are still short, thin and light. Also great for those with partial dreads or use for space buns and half updos on longer locks. Also good for light synthetic extensions and for a quick and easy low pony tail.

50cm: Medium length. 

Great for those with medium length dreadlocks that are a bit heavier and past the shoulders or quite thick. To secure a ponytail on medium length dreadlock, the spiralock needs to wrap at least 2 times.

60cm: Large length. 

Great for thick, long, heavy dreads, mid to lower back. For a secure high pony tail, the spiralock should wrap 2.5 to 3 times for a secure hold on heavy, long dreads. Also a good size for a dread bun for medium length dreads.

80cm: Extra large length. 

This is our super size spiralock which is needed for those with super long and heavy dreads that are waist length or longer. Also great for big dread buns that need a couple of wraps to hold secure.

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